New Items

6/21/19 New Items

Amish Wedding Angel Hair Noodles

6/14/19 New Items

Cupcake Brand Wine 375 ml cans РRose, Sauvignon Blanc
Ava Grace Pinot Grigio 375 ml cans
Pomelo Sauvignon Blanc Wine
Short’s Power of Love Shandy-Style Ale (Michigan Made)

6/7/19 New Items

Dearborn Brand Peppered Bacon – sliced to order (Michigan made)
Back in Stock:
USA Grown Fresh Morel Mushrooms

5/31/19 New Items

Olive Garden creamy Italian dressing
Brianna’s Dressings: French vinaigrette, creamy cilantro lime
Uncle Bob’s all purpose Cajun rub (made in Michigan)

5/24/19 New Items

Sliced to Order: Dearborn products (Michigan made): honey cured ham, oven roasted turkey breast, roast beef, smokehouse deli ham
Sliced to Order: Brandon’s products: porkstrami, sandwich salami, corned beef
Troyer Brand Bar Cheeses: Green Onion, Bacon Cheddar, Blue Marble, Buffalo Wing
Williams Cream Cheese Spreads (Michigan Made): pineapple habanero, red pepper & onion, raspberry pineapple, pineapple coconut mango
Backroad Country Brand Pickled Products: bologna, turkey gizzards, polish sausage, red hot bologna
Banfield Bison Farm Raised Buffalo Products (Michigan Made): sirloin steak, bone-in ribeye steak, boneless tenderloin, flank steak, stew meat, heart, femur bones, ground 1lb packages
Bell’s Oberon 5 liter keg (Michigan made)
Short’s Internet Dating Ale (Michigan made)
Back in Stock: Pure Harvest Pestos (Michigan made): sundried tomato or basil

5/17/19 New Items

Frank’s Sauerkraut Packets – this is great for brats – you don’t have to buy a whole 2 pound bag if you are the only one that uses sauerkraut!
Amish Wedding Brand Products:¬† Beet Pickled Eggs, Jalapeno Pickled Eggs, Mustard Pickled Eggs; Bread ‘n Butter Pickles, Zesty Bread ‘n Butter Pickles; Hot Salsa, Peach Salsa; Pineapple Habanero Sauce
St. Pierre Large Butter Croissants 8 pack
Uncle Dougies Gluten Free Organic BBQ Sauces: Hickory Bourbon, Ginger, Chipotle Dragon
Sander’s Bumpy Cakes (Michigan Made): Chocolate Bumpy Cake for 2, Party Size Chocolate Bumpy Cake 37 oz.
Sabor Zan Brazilian Cheesebread: Original Cheese, Garlic Cheese, Italian Herb Cheese, Bacon Cheese – just bake for a luscious addition to any meal or with wine
Alexia Parmesan Garlic Redskin Potatoes – in the frozen case
Beemster Vlaskaas Premium Dutch Cheese
Bookbinders Sauces: Tartar, Applewood Smoked Horseradish
Fancy Sauces (Michigan made): Lemon Garlic, Original, Hot & Spicy
G. Hughes Sugar Free Sauces: Mesquite BBQ; Honey Mustard; Teriyaki, Orange Ginger Marinade
Gia Russa Sicilian lemon Marmalade
Jack Daniels Dry Seasonings: Pork Rub, Steak Seasoning
Good Harbor Wines (Michigan made): Fishtown White, Harbor Red
Aurora Luminous Semi-Dry White (Michigan made)

5/10/19 New Items

Cook’s Farm Fresh Asparagus (local Okemos grower – limited time available)
Frozen Ultimate Burger Patties Bacon Ranch (Mert’s made)
Dearborn Skinless Beef Franks (made in Michigan)

5/3/19 New Items

Brandon’s Smoked Porkstrami – it’s a hit – we sold out by noon last Sunday!
Arcadia Ales Mi-Berry Vice Raspberry/Blueberry Wheat Ale (Made in Michigan)

4/26/19 New items

Champane’s Bee Company Wild Flower Honey (Made in Michigan)
Sander’s Dark Chocolate Peppermint Bites (Made in Michigan)
Sander’s Milk Chocolate Covered Gummi Bears (Made in Michigan)
Walker Shortbread Cookie Fingers

4/19/19 New Items

Bauducco Chocolate or Vanilla Wafers
Destrooper Almond Crisps
Srodek’s Crepes: Blueberry, Raspberry, Sweet Farmer Cheese, Strawberry (Michigan Made)
Founder’s Green Zebra (Michigan Made)
New Holland Dragon Milk (Michigan Made)
Big Lake Brewers Michigan Amber Ale (Michigan Made)

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