New Items

11/9/18 New Items

Brandon’s New Instant Pot Dinners: Neva’s Pulled Pork, El Azteco Salsa Chicken
Short’s Mule Beer (made in Michigan)
Short’s Juicy Tree Beer (made in Michigan)
Heron Point Lump Crab Meat 6 oz can
Badia Spice Grinders: peppercorn mélange, pink Himalayan salt, sea salt, black pepper
Xochitl Red & Green Corn Tortilla Chips
Alexia Organic Crinkle Cut Fries

11/2/18 New Items

Brandon’s newest beef jerky: Black Pepper Beef Jerky
Soup Spoon’s Fresh Seafood Chowder (Made in Michigan)
Rub w/Love Rubs: Salmon, Steak, Chicken
Gourmet Village Gourmet Hot Chocolates
Impossible Burger Patties- burger patties made from plants.  As seen on TV.

10/26/18 New Items

Alessi Coarse Himalayan Salt Grinder
Bruce Cost Spicy Ginger Ale
Kitchen Basics Organic Beef Stock
Kitchen Basics Organic Free Range Chicken Stock

10/19/18 New Items

Founders Trigo (made in Michigan)
Jim’s Cheese Curds: white/yellow; white; garlic dill
Arla Sliced Gouda Cheese
Arla Cream Cheese Spreads: Original; Herbs & Spices

10/5/18 New Items

Fresh Longganisa (Filipino Sweet Sausage)
Fresh Irish Sausage
St Elmo’s Creamy Horseradish Sauce – great on beef!
Johnnys Salmon Finishing Sauce
Dearborn Natural Casing Mild Smoked Hungarian Sausage (Made in Michigan)

9/28/18 New Items

Brite Bites Probiotic Snacks (made in Michigan)
Fresh Irish Sausage (Brandon’s newest sausage)
Short’s Slurm Lord Double New England Style IPA (made in Michigan)
Old Nation Boss Tweed (made in Michigan)

9/21/18 New Items

Brandon’s Spicy Honey BBQ Meat Sticks
Bell’s Expedition Russian Imperial Stout Beer (Michigan Made)

9/14/18 New Items

Chocolate and more chocolate!  Mert’s has new confectioneries including Michigan Made Fudge.  Check out the new end across from the register . . . and while you’re doing that look around at the new look up front.

9/7/18 New Items

IO Brand Organic Pasta Sauces: Tomato & Vodka, Marinara
Vigo Cilantro Lime Rice Mix
Terrapin Ridge Smokey Onion Mustard
Lillie’s Q Carolina Style BBQ Sauce
Argentina Wild Caught Raw Red Shrimp 16-20 ct – these are beautiful and big!
Marinated Boneless Chicken Breast – two new flavors: Honey BBQ and Mesquite

8/31/18 New items

Northwoods Root Beer or Wild Ginger Soda 12 oz bottles (Made in Michigan)
Terrapin Ridge Wasabi Sauce

Mochi Premium Ice Cream – you’ve seen this in other stores and on TV – it’s premium ice cream wrapped in a rice dough. You can eat them with your hands – a great treat for the drive home and for the kids in the back seat! Flavors are mango, strawberry, double chocolate, cookies & cream, salted caramel, and gluten free butter pecan.

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