New Items

10/5/18 New Items

Fresh Longganisa (Filipino Sweet Sausage)
Fresh Irish Sausage
St Elmo’s Creamy Horseradish Sauce – great on beef!
Johnnys Salmon Finishing Sauce
Dearborn Natural Casing Mild Smoked Hungarian Sausage (Made in Michigan)

9/28/18 New Items

Brite Bites Probiotic Snacks (made in Michigan)
Fresh Irish Sausage (Brandon’s newest sausage)
Short’s Slurm Lord Double New England Style IPA (made in Michigan)
Old Nation Boss Tweed (made in Michigan)

9/21/18 New Items

Brandon’s Spicy Honey BBQ Meat Sticks
Bell’s Expedition Russian Imperial Stout Beer (Michigan Made)

9/14/18 New Items

Chocolate and more chocolate!  Mert’s has new confectioneries including Michigan Made Fudge.  Check out the new end across from the register . . . and while you’re doing that look around at the new look up front.

9/7/18 New Items

IO Brand Organic Pasta Sauces: Tomato & Vodka, Marinara
Vigo Cilantro Lime Rice Mix
Terrapin Ridge Smokey Onion Mustard
Lillie’s Q Carolina Style BBQ Sauce
Argentina Wild Caught Raw Red Shrimp 16-20 ct – these are beautiful and big!
Marinated Boneless Chicken Breast – two new flavors: Honey BBQ and Mesquite

8/31/18 New items

Northwoods Root Beer or Wild Ginger Soda 12 oz bottles (Made in Michigan)
Terrapin Ridge Wasabi Sauce

Mochi Premium Ice Cream – you’ve seen this in other stores and on TV – it’s premium ice cream wrapped in a rice dough. You can eat them with your hands – a great treat for the drive home and for the kids in the back seat! Flavors are mango, strawberry, double chocolate, cookies & cream, salted caramel, and gluten free butter pecan.

8/24/18 New Items

Alessi Farro (Ancient Grain) Butternut Squash & Kale; Four Cheese
IO Brand Organic Tomato & Basil Pasta Sauce
Terrapin Ridge Farm Hot Pepper Bacon Jam
Vino De Milo Maple Bacon Onion Jam
St Pierre Brioche Popovers – Vanilla or Chocolate 2 packs
Back In Stock
Castello Blue Cheese Burger Slices

8/17/18 New Items

Published 8/17/18
4505 Chicarrones Pork Rinds – Brandon says these are the best he has had: smokehouse BBQ, classic chili & salt, jalapeno cheddar
Bone Suckin’ Seasoning Rub: regular, steak
Falk Salt Natural Flake Sea Salt – want to smoke your own salt? This is the best base with which to do that
Pipcorn Mini Popcorn: sea salt, cheddar
Gourmet Nut Power Up: antioxidant mix, mega omega trail mix, protein packed mix, high energy trail mix
Slap Ya Mama: original blend seasoning, Cajun jambalaya mix
Founders Mosaic Promise 6 pk cans (Made in Michigan)

8/10/18 New Items

Published 8/10/18
Jersey Mary’s BBQ Sauce
Organic Valley Organic Salted Butter
Dearborn Arena Kielbasa Sausage (Michigan Made)
Kentucky Legend Sliced Quarter Turkey Breast: Oven Roasted or Cajun
Dot’s Pretzels 5 oz snack size bag
Black Billy Shiraz Wine
Black Billy Grenache-Shiraz-Mourvedre Blend Wine
Omaka Springs Pinot Noir
Back In Stock
Frog Legs!  Jumbo Size – took us months to get these back in.  Look in the seafood freezer case.

7/27/18 New Items

Hormel Natural Choice Uncured Bacon (no sodium nitrites) – safe for your youngest child
Bell’s Oracle Double IPA (Michigan made)
Short’s Strawberry Short’s Cake Golden Ale w/Strawberry & Milk Sugar (Michigan made)
Short’s Sticky Icky Icky American India Pale Ale (Michigan made)

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