Grilled Fish Pointers

Grilled Fish Pointers

CRISSCROSS  If you are grilling a fillet with the skin on (common for salmon, bass and snapper), make shallow crisscross slices Рabout 1/8 inch deep Рinto the skin with a sharp knife.  This will prevent the fillet from curling as it cooks.

SKIN SIDE DOWN Always grill a fillet with the skin side down first to ensure the skin is well browned and crispy before the fillet is fully cooked.  To prevent sticking, clean and grease the grate before heating and brush the fillet with oil.

FLAKE TEST Follow recipe timings. Check doneness at the minimum cooking time by inserting a fork into the fish and gently twisting. (Typically, for each inch of thickness, a fillet requires about 10 minutes of cooking time over medium-high heat.) Properly cooked fish is opaque with a flaky texture; overcooked fish will be tough outside with dry, mealy flesh.

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