Our Store to Your Door!  Home Delivery Service
Mert’s is proud to be able to deliver our quality products direct to your door.

Starting June 11th, Mert’s will begin our home delivery service available Tuesdays and Fridays in the areas of Okemos/Haslett “zone 1” and East Lansing/MSU campus “zone 2”.  We will expand our delivery areas as the service progresses.

Our delivery service charge is a flat rate – no extras for mileage or weight or number of bags – no minimum purchase amount – no maximum purchase amount – you just want four links of sausage? – you ordered a 45 pound meat bundle? that’s okay with us! Delivery charges cannot be discounted.

  • Zone 1 Okemos/Haslett zips 48840 and 48864 – $8
  • Zone 2 East Lansing/MSU zips 48823, 48824 and 48825 – $10.
  • Orders taken by 11 a.m. on Tuesday or Friday will be delivered by 4 p.m. If delivery time after 4 p.m. is wanted, that can be scheduled.
  • Orders taken after 11 a.m. but before 1 p.m. on Tuesday or Friday will be delivered by 7 p.m.

Delivery orders can also be placed at any time during the week with no time deadline for the order, with the customer designating the desired delivery day of Tuesday or Friday and time wanted.

Mert’s will run payment for the order in the form of credit or debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover) or EBT cards after it has been picked (most meats sold at Mert’s are random weight so at the time of the call, we do not know how much the total order will be); customers are required to provide account numbers of the card being used along with the rest of the information needed to run that card with our processor (like any other delivery service such as a pizza order when paid with a card). The amount of the sale will be on the receipt that will accompany the order. No card information will be kept on file – it will be shredded the same day.

When the order is delivered, the customer will have the opportunity to match the product to the receipt provided; upon finding it in good condition and what was expected, will sign the driver’s delivery form, so we request that someone be available at the address provided.

Many of our customers, at one time or another, have placed a special order with us – whether it be a steak, turkey burgers, a dozen sausage links, frozen femur bones, or a bag of tortilla chips – Mert’s staff does an extremely good job putting these orders together and handling the products with care. Now you can place your order with confidence that it will be what you want and delivered to you when you want it.  We guarantee that you will be pleased with this new service that Mert’s is providing you, our very special and valued customers.

Call Mert’s at 517-574-5014 today to schedule your delivery!

Brandon and Shirley

Scrumptious Products

Sliced To Order Products at Mert’s Meats
Brandon has brought in some great Dearborn brand (Michigan made) products to complement his own products that we can slice to order upon request.  Whether it is a quarter of a pound or eight pounds, we are proud of the products that we have on hand for you.  Following are the products that we will slice or shave to order at the service meat case:
Brandon’s Porkstrami
Brandon’s Sandwich Salami
Brandon’s Corned Beef
Dearborn Honey Cured Ham
Dearborn Oven Roast Turkey Breast
Dearborn Roast Beef
Dearborn Smokehouse Deli Ham

We are now slicing to order our premium bacons including Brandon’s own Beef Bacon.  Following are the bacons that we will slice to order at the service meat case:
Brandon’s Beef Bacon
Dearborn Double Smoked Bacon
Dearborn Applewood Smoked Bacon
Dearborn Peppered Bacon
Nueske Applewood Smoked Bacon
Nueske Nitrite Free Cherrywood Smoked Bacon

Ground Beef Products – Mert’s Meats grinds its own ground beef from whole beef primals – we never buy ground beef in a tube. 

Mert’s Specialty Meats serves up a delectable diversity of meat, seafood and other flavorful offerings, including the following:

    Fresh Midwest beef and pork; USA lamb and veal; poultry of all kinds including duck, turkey, chicken, quail, pheasant
    Fresh organic ground beef from Schneiders Farm in Westphalia
    Gift Cards – give the gift of Mert’s for your special occasions
    Seafood, including shell fish products (see full list below)
    Michigan brewed beers and domestic wines
    Market-made sausage including holiday flavors such as Cranberry for the winter holidays
    El Azteco cheese dip and salsa – delivered fresh 2 to 3 times weekly (East Lansing, MI)
    Fiesta Time corn tortilla chips – made in Michigan – we’re told they’re the best by our customers
    Potatoes, lettuces, vegetables and other fresh meal produce (see a list below of meal produce available in both stores)
    Spices, rubs and marinades
    Pasta, rice and other side dishes
    Huge Assortment of deli cheeses and sliced sandwich cheese
    An array of Michigan-made products offered by local vendors including Dearborn Brand hams and bacon
    McClure’s pickles along with Safie’s pickled beans and asparagus
    Michigan made – American Spoon preserves, marmalades, fruit butters, and beautiful salsas; Esch Road salsas and preserves
    Homemade smoked products such as pulled pork, smoked chicken salad, meat snack sticks, sandwich salami, summer sausage

    Produce Currently Carried: (1/23/17)
    Apples, Fuji
    Apples, Honeycrisp
    Broccoli Crowns
    Brussels Sprouts
    Green Cabbage
    Whole Carrots 1# bag
    Sweet Corn
    English Cucumbers
    Ginger Root
    Hydroponic Butter Lettuce
    Romaine Hearts 3 pk
    Whole Baby Bella Mushrooms
    Whole White Mushrooms
    Yellow Medium Cooking Onions 3#
    Sweet Yellow Onions
    Red Onions
    Curly Parsley
    Italian Flat Parsley
    Green Bell Peppers
    Red Bell Peppers
    Yellow Bell Peppers
    Jalapeno Peppers
    Idaho Baker Potatoes
    5# bags Idaho Potatoes
    Zucchini Squash
    Large Hydroponic Tomatoes
    Yams US #1

    Seafood Currently Carried:
    Antarctic Queen, Wild Caught Chile Fillets
    Blue Gill, Wild Caught Fillets
    Blue Marlin, Wild Caught Loin Steaks
    Catfish, Farm Raised Fillets
    Catfish, Farm Raised Nuggets
    Clams, Gourmet Stuffed
    Clams, Ocean Chopped
    Cod, Wild Caught Loin Fillets
    Cod, Wild Caught Potato Cheddar Crusted
    Conch Meat
    Crab Cakes, Maryland Style Fully Cooked
    Crab Legs, Wild Caught Red Large
    Snow Crab Clusters, Wild Caught
    Crayfish, Cooked Cajun
    Frog Legs, Farm Raised
    Grouper, Wild Caught Fillets
    Halibut, Wild Caught Fillets
    Kajiki (Hawaiian Blue Marlin) Wild Caught
    Lobster Tails, Wild Caught Maine 4 to 5 oz
    Lobster Tails, Wild Caught Maine 7 to 8 oz and 14 to 16 oz
    Slipper Lobster Meat
    Spanish Mackeral, Wild Caught USA
    Mahi-Mahi, Wild Caught Fillets
    Octopus Whole Baby, Wild Caught
    Ono (Hawaiian Wahoo) Wild Caught
    Orange Roughy, Wild Caught Fillets
    Oysters, Wild Caught USA Select
    Perch, Wild Caught Canadian Yellow Lake
    Salmon Burgers, Mert’s Made
    Salmon, Farm Raised Norwegian Atlantic Fillets
    Salmon, Farm Raised Smoked Steaks
    Salmon, Wild Caught USA Sockeye Fillets
    Salmon, Wild Caught Sockeye – cold smoked sides
    Scallops, Wild Caught USA Sea
    Scallops, Wild Caught Bay
    Sea Bass, Wild Caught Chilean Fillets
    Sea Bass, Farm Raised California White
    Shrimp, Cooked 16-20 ct
    Shrimp, Cooked 41-50 ct
    Shrimp, Wild Caught USA Gulf Waters Raw 16-20 ct
    Smelt, Wild Caught Dressed
    Snapper, Scarlett Wild Caught Fillets
    Sole, Wild Caught Dover Fillets
    Sole, Wild Caught Pacific Fillets
    Swordfish, Wild Caught Steaks
    Tilapia, Farm Raised Fillets
    Tilapia, Farm Raised Coconut Mango Crusted
    Tilapia, Farm Raised Garlic Herb Crusted
    Tilapia, Farm Raised Parmesan Herb Crusted
    Tilapia, Farm Raised Pecan Crusted
    Tilapia, Farm Raised Tortilla Chipotle Crusted
    Trout, Farm Raised Rainbow Fillets
    Tuna, Wild Caught Ahi Yellowfin Steaks
    Walleye, Wild Caught
    Whitefish, Wild Caught
    Whitefish, Wild Caught Smoked

    Wild Game and unique Meat Products at Mert’s:
    Buffalo Farm Raised: (Michigan) New York Strip Steak, Ground Buffalo, Ground Buffalo Patties, Stew Meat, Femur Bones, Heart, Ribeye Steak, Filet Mignon,
    Elk: Ground Elk, Ground Elk Patties, Stew Meat, Steak
    Venison: Chops, Ground Venison, Stew Meat, Backstrap
    Wild Boar: Chops, Ground Wild Boar
    Alligator: Alligator Tail Meat; Alligator Andouille (Cajun) Sausage (Brandon made)
    Kangaroo: Australian Kangaroo Meat, Ground Kangaroo Patties
    Ostrich: Ground Ostrich Patties, Ostrich Steaks
    Rabbit Farm Raised: (Michigan) Rabbit, Rabbit Liver
    Pheasant Farm Raised

    Quail Farm Raised, European Style 4 pk
    Duck Farm Raised: Whole, Legs, Breast, Necks, Liver, Rendered Fat, Ground Duck, Legs Confit
    Turkey Farm Raised: Legs, Thighs, Breast, Necks, Gizzards, Backs, Whole, Knuckles
    Lamb: USA Shanks, Stew Meat, Tenderloins, Liver, Heart, Tongue, Frenched Racks, Leg of Lamb Roasts, Shoulder Roasts, Sausage, Ground Lamb, Lamb Mediterranean Patties (Julia made), Lamb Chops
    Veal (USA): Shanks, Stew Meat and other boneless cuts available upon request
    Beef: Liver, Heart, Kidney, Cheeks, Shanks, Oxtail, Femur Bones, Neckbones, Tongue, Tripe
    Pork: Smoked Shanks, Hocks, Jowls, Smoked Pork Chops, Pork Belly (rind off AND rind on), Front Feet, Ribs (baby back, St Louis style, spare ribs), Rib Tips, Boneless Tenderloin
    Chicken: Liver, Gizzards, Necks, Stewing Hen, Hearts, Feet, Backs, Bell & Evans frozen reduced retail with additional 10% off, Leg Quarters, Thighs, Drumsticks, Wings


    Superior Services

    At Mert’s Specialty Meats, we don’t just offer fresh, first-class products—we are also committed to offering top-notch customer service. Here are just a few of the value-added services we proudly provide:

    Special Orders: Can’t find what you want? Our butchers can cut to your request or order what you need for our next truck delivery.

    Home Delivery: Mert’s will deliver your order to your home or wherever you designate in the Okemos, Haslett and East Lansing areas starting 6/11/19 (more “zones” to come as we progress with this service).  No minimum order required.  Delivery days are Tuesdays and Fridays with orders due by 11 am the day of delivery (delivery by late afternoon) and 1 pm the day of delivery (delivery by 7 pm) – or order anytime during the week and designate what day you want the order delivered.  Okemos (zip code 48864) and Haslett (zip code 48840) delivery charge is a flat rate of $8 and East Lansing (zip code 48823) (including MSU zip codes 48824 and 48825) is a flat rate of $10 – whatever the order is.  Credit cards and EBT welcome.

    Cut to Size: Our butchers will cut to order while you wait—no advance order necessary.

    Gift Cards available in all denominations.

    Senior Citizens’ Discount: Every Tuesday Senior Citizens 65 years and older can receive 10% off all items purchased every Tuesday.

    Military Personnel Discount: every day, all day – all military personnel whether veterans or active can receive 10% off all items purchased.

    Still can’t find exactly what you crave? No problem! We are more than happy to special order products for you. Additionally, we encourage our customers to suggest additional items they’d like to see in our store.

    Mert’s takes EBT cards through the USDA Federal SNAP program (Michigan Bridge Card).

    Mert’s takes all credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express