New Items

4/12/19 New Items

Brandon’s Backwoods Turkey Jerky
Beef Navel (Beef Belly) – used to make beef bacon – very hard to find – we finally got some in!
Saddleback BBQ Sauce (made in Michigan)

4/5/19 New Items

Smoking Goose Uncured Tasso Spiced Pork Shoulder (Ham) ready to eat
Brownwood Farms Apple Riesling Salsa
San Pellegrino Mineral Waters – Lemon w/Lemon Zest; Dark Cherry & Pomegranate; Tangerine & Wild Strawberry
Chicken ‘n Ribs BBQ Sauces – Original; Honey
Stubbs BBQ Sauces – Sweet Heat; Spicy
Isalys Original BBQ Sauce
Brownwood Farms Cherry BBQ Sauce
Teta Foods Shawarma Marinade
Lawry’s Herb Garlic & Lemon Marinade
Allegro Marinades – Teriyaki; Original
Silver Spring Mustards – Beer ‘n Brat; Dijon
Perfect Pasta Toasted Ravioli Bites – Cheese; Beef
Earthbound Organic Frozen Vegetables – Spinach Cuts; Broccoli Florets; Sweet Corn; Green Peas
Frostie Root Beer (Michigan made)
Big O Smoked Salmon Portions and Boneless Skinless Smoked Salmon Bites (Michigan made)
Back in Stock:
Leon’s Macaroni Salad
Leon’s Potato Salad

3/29/19 New Items

Brandon’s Feta and Fresh Basil Turkey Burgers
Creminelli Sopressata Northern Italian Recipe Garlic & Wine
Founder’s KBS Flavored Stout (Michigan Made) Yup – Mert’s has the elusive KBS this year!
Fresh Morel Mushrooms
Srodek’s Old Fashioned Traditional Pierogis, Stuffed Cabbage and Potato Pancakes (made in Hamtramck, Michigan)
Short’s Sticky Boots IPA (Michigan Made)
Bell’s Oberon (Michigan Made) Yup – Mert’s has Oberon, too!
Tasty Bite Middle Eastern Lentils Madras, Potatoes Bombay and Masala Channa
Miami Bread Company Onion Rolls

3/22/19 New Items

Frozen Alaskan Pollock Fillets 33.6 oz bag – great price!
Loaded Potato Crusted Alaskan Pollock Fillets frozen 2 packs

3/15/19 New items

Boneless Beef Teres Major – a delicious addition to our grilling varieties
Sandridge Four Bean Salad
Fresh Pico de Gallo
Brandon’s Smoked Chicken Breast – so great for salad!
Been looking for true charcuterie products?  Come in a check these out – Creminelli Brand made in the USA – No Antibiotics, No Nitrites or Nitrates Added (safe for the children), No Artificial Ingredients:
Casalingo – Mild Italian Hard Salami, Uncured Italian Salami, Creminelli Family Specialty
Tartufo – Uncured Italian Salami, Made with Black Summer Truffles
Barolo – Uncured Italian Salami, with Barolo Red Wine
Piccante – Southern Italian Recipe, Mildy Spicy
Wild Boar – Uncured Italian Salami, Made with Texas Wild Boar

3/8/19 New Items

Big O Smoked Whitefish Spread (made in Michigan)
Big O Smoked Salmon Spread (made in Michigan)
Big O Smoked Salmons; Maple or Cajun (made in Michigan)
Slap Ya Mama Products; Cajun Hot Sauce, Cajun Jambalaya Mix, Cajun Pepper Sauce, Hot Blend
Bell’s Lager (made in Michigan)
Saugatuck Blueberry Lemonade Shandy (made in Michigan)
Big Lake Sparti Parti New England IPA (made in Michigan)
Brandon’s Instant Pot Dump & Go Dinners; Hawaiian Chicken w/Vegetables, Southwest Lime Chicken, BBQ Chicken with Corn

3/1/19 New Items

New York Texas Toast Seasoned Croutons
More Than Gourmet Demi Glace

2/22/19 New Items

Food For Thought Truly Natural Cherry Rum Liquer Topping and Cherry Raspberry Rum Liquer Topping (Made in Michigan, Formerly Esch Road Brand)
Better Than Bouillon Vegetarian Bases (no chicken and no beef)
Crosse & Blackwell Mint Sauce
Roland Smoked Petite Oysters, Smoked Baby Clams
La Preferida Organic Fish Taco Seasoning
Pigeon Hill Brewery MI Irish Stout (Michigan Made)

2/15/19 New Items

Food For Thought Bourbon Caramel Sauce Topping (Michigan Made)
Food For Thought Salted Caramel Sauce Topping (Michigan Made)
Bell’s Official Hazy India Pale Ale (Michigan Made)
New Holland Dragon’s Milk (Michigan Made)

1/11/19 New Items

Founders Blushing Monk Belgian Style Ale (Michigan made)
Old Nation Cart Horse IPA (Michigan made)
Old National Electron Brown Double Brown Ale (Michigan made)

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