Shirley’s Oven Baked (or Slow Cooker) Roast Beef

3 to 4 pounds Boneless Beef Chuck or English Roast
Butter or Margarine
One can Campbell’s Golden Mushroom Soup (do not add water)
One packet Lipton’s or Knorr’s Dry Onion Soup Mix
Fresh Sliced Mushrooms
Optional – other fresh vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, onions
2 to 3 Beef Bouillon Cubes
Salt & Pepper to taste

Sear roast beef on top of the stove 1 to minutes on each side in margarine or butter in a Dutch oven that can be put in the oven.
Spread Campbell’s Golden Mushroom Soup on top of the roast (do not add water to the soup concentrate).  Sprinkle Lipton or Knorr Onion Soup Mix over the soup concentrate. Add sliced fresh mushrooms on top of the soup mixtures.  If you wish to add other vegetables such as carrots, potatoes, or onions, add them later in the baking process – about 1 hour left in the baking time.  Add one soup can of water to the bottom of the Dutch oven.  Do not pour directly onto the soup layers.
Bake in 325 degree F oven in the covered Dutch Oven.  Cooking the roast 3 to 4 hours at this low temperature will make the meat very tender and falling apart.  The soup/water mixture keeps the meat very moist even cooking it this long.  If you prefer to slice your roast, cook a shorter amount of time.
Remove roast and vegetables from Dutch oven and place on a serving platter or storage dish.  Spoon some of the thin beef stock onto it.  Cover with aluminum foil to keep warm.
On top of the stove, add beef bouillon cubes for added seasoning to the thin mixture in the Dutch oven.  Taste mixture.  If it is too rich, add a little water.  This is the time to add salt & pepper to taste.  Bring to a boil – use a flour/water or corn starch/water thickening to bring the consistency to the level that you prefer for gravy.
The thin beef stock can also be saved the way it is to do noodles another day.  Don’t thicken the stock if you are going to cook noodles in the mixture.
Serve with mashed potatoes along with the reserved cooked vegetables.
Leftovers are wonderful with fresh bread and your favorite toppings such as yellow mustard or horseradish sauce and including the cooked mushrooms.